AMUSE: Taking python to the stars (English)

Hall Fundadores
Date and time:
Friday 09, 12:50
Maria Camila Remolina-Gutiérrez (Colombia)

AMUSE (Astrophysical Multipurpose Software Environment) is a tool for developing complex astrophysical simulations involving different physical domains and scales. It consists of a Python interface linked to a C/Fortran one, while using MPI for distributed computation.


AMUSE was developed in the Netherlands and since then, it has been a key tool for hundreds of research projects regarding all areas of astrophysics. The wonder of this environment is that it allows the user to create his own universe in a intuitive and python-like way. It allows the researcher to focus on the science of the simulations instead of the implementation of the numerical algorithms that solve well-known problems, such as planetary evolution for example. Besides, its design allows to couple all the different codes available in its library, and for instance mix the previous example with a star evolution, creating a complete planetary system in a couple of lines of code.

In this talk my goal is to divulge AMUSE and present all the capabilities it holds. I hope that the audience is motivated to venture in the world of astrophysics and that python open this door of mystery and passion for the cosmos.