Build a powerful static website using Lektor (Spanish)

Room 2
Date and time:
Sunday 11, 11:00
Rafael Laverde (Colombia)

Building simple websites, like a blog, or a personal website do not require an interactive experience, using an static site generator like Lektor you could achieve the same functionality, without worrying about updates, security, performance, or cost; and deploy your site for free in Github Pages.


The idea of this workshop is to create an static website using Lektor, while exploring its features

1. What’s Lektor? Lektor is a flexible and powerful static content management system for building complex and beautiful websites out of flat files.

2. Why a static website could be a better decision? (Pro/Cons) Static websites are safer, use fewer resources, and doesn’t have vendor and platform lock-in (when data can’t be exported).

3. Why Lektor? Lektor has flexibility buid-in in its core, it’s multipurpose, a big difference between it and other static generators

4. Structure of a Lektor project

  • Creating a basic site
  • Exploring Lektor datamodels: Lekotr datamodels adds flexibility allowing to create complex sites (making Lektor general-purpose, and not only for blogs like other static generators)
  • Exploring Lektor template system (jinja2)

5. Deploying

  • Deploy your website using github pages
  • Automatize the deployment with a continuum integration system (Travis-CI)

6. Themes

  • How Lektor theme system works: Its allows to extend not only the templates but also the datamodels
  • Installing a theme
  • Basics for developing a theme

7. Plugins

  • How plugin system works
  • How to install a plugin,
  • Creating a simple Lektor plugin
  • The Lektor API