Classifying human faces using Convolutional Neural Networks (Spanish)

Room 5
Date and time:
Sunday 11, 11:00
Moises Vargas (Colombia)

The objective of this workshop is to Introduce classic convolutional neural network (ConvNet) architecture LeNet-5 to the assistants using Python, Tensor-flow and Sci-kit learn. Assistants will learn basics and how to build a ConvNet classifying whether yes or not an image has a human face.


This workshop is comprised of the following points:

  • Brief introduction to Basics of Convolutional Neural Network using LeNet-5 Architecture ~ 15 minutes
  • Setup Jupyter notebook and environment to run the work-shop
  • Data preparation using numpy and sklearn
  • Building a ConvNet with Tensor-flow
  • Using the ConvNet to detect whether yes or not an image is a human face
  • Conclusions