Programming micro-controllers for IoT with MicroPython (Spanish)

Room 4
Date and time:
Sunday 11, 11:00
Olemis Lang (Cuba)

MicroPython is emerging as an option to quickly program micro-controllers used to prototype hardware in early design stages. The workshop introduces MicroPython, basic concepts, and supported devices. Hands-on lab covers network programming, MQTT, and exercises with LED, buttons, and servo motors.


Workshop outline is as follows :

  • Overview of MicroPython (15 min - talk)
  • Hands-on labs : Network programming, MQTT (10 min)
  • Hands-on labs : Exercises with LED (10 min)
  • Hands-on labs : Exercises with buttons (10 min)
  • Hands-on labs : Exercises with servo motors (10 min)
  • Final example : Simple device able to interact with a virtual world (5 min)

Required setup