Naomi Ceder

OS Dev Manager at Dick Blick Art Materials

Keynote Speaker

Leader specializing in Python and Linux and building developer teams; a "make it work" problem solver; 15 years experience and LPI 2 certification in managing Linux systems; expert in making disparate systems and data streams play nicely together; published author, accomplished speaker and presenter.

Web development experience includes tornado, django, and cherrypy, as well as apache and editing raw HTML/CSS. I've also actually dreamed MySQL queries... ;)

Experienced as architect and Scrum product owner in charge of entire web application infrastructure hosted on AWS & Azure cloud servers and entire dataflow including interface with SaaS CRM (Netsuite) and multiple supplier backends.

Other experience: Cloud infrastructure -architecting systems on AWS . Netsuite administration and scripting.

Proponent of teaching programming, especially Python, to middle and high school students, and an advocate for open software and open content. Organizer of PyCon, member of Python Software Foundation, and a principal organizer of the Fort Wayne Linux Users Group.

Specialties: Python, MySQL, Javascript on server, C/C++. Building and managing developer teams. Teaching programming and system administration and using web frameworks to manage/share information. LPI advanced certified Linux admin.