iQoS, VoIP quality of service tests with Python and Linux (Spanish)

Block 38 - 101
Date and time:
Friday 09, 15:20
Oscar Jovanni Maestre Sanmiguel (Colombia)

iQoS is a software developed 100% in Python, it has a Web environment that allows to emulate VoIP calls, evaluate QoS metrics and generate statistical graphs to interpret the results.

Integrates Python modules such as Flask and Shapy, Linux tools such as TC, Gstreamer and Iperf.


iQos, a free software for the evaluation of metrics quality of service in voice over IP developed in Python. During the process of creating this software, it became necessary to choose a set of open frameworks, tools and standards, which were integrated to measure the performance of a data network at the time that one or multiple voice telephone calls were made. over IP.

The talk describes the Web environment developed in Flask to recreate VoIP calls through the manipulation of TCP/IP packets, according to the specifications of the RTP protocol, the use of REST services for performing QoS tests to from the integration of the backend and frontend in the system.

The quality of service metrics to be evaluated are explained in terms of delay, packet loss and fluctuation in time (Jitter) to determine the feasibility of implementing VoIP in a data network.