Python in the land of Serverless (English)

Block 38 - 101
Date and time:
Friday 09, 12:50
David Przybilla (Colombia)

One year ago I joined a team that favours Serverless, since then I’ve been building and maintaining lots of services using Serverless. With a pinch of Skepticism, I sailed through some of the challenges and tooling, I want to share with the community the pains and glory of it.


As services like AWS Lambda, Azure Cloud Functions among others become really cheap and popular, It is natural to consider Serverless when solving a problem. In Serverless Lands Python is a first class citizen, it is well supported and many tools are available.

However, does Serverless stands for “simple” or “easy”? In this Talk, I’m going to guide you through the challenges my team went through while designing a (i) Stream Processing pipeline, and (ii) small ops tools.

The talk will go into details about:

  • The mistakes
  • The tools that integrate well with python
  • How to write code for serverless
  • CI process